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Robotic Planet RTS


Your robots are just landed on a small planet. Let them explore and settle the planet. Gather resources to construct new buildings and set up a working economic system. Produce goods and new robots in factories. Defend your buildings against attacks from enemy battle robots. Conquer enemy territory and defeat your opponent's base.Features:• 21 scenario maps for single/multiplayer games including a tutorial mission.• Map-Generator to create new unique maps.• Single-player mode: Opponent is played by AI (computer)• Multi-player mode: Two players can connect their mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to compete against each other• No Internet connection is required during gameplay.• Supports large displays (tablets)• 7 Robots with individual abilities• 20 different buildings to construct • Games are saved automatically on incoming calls and can be continued.
Gameplay:Robotic Planet is a construction and management simulation. You give orders to your robots, such as constructing a building or attacking a location. Your robots perform these orders, but operate autonomously.
Please report bugs and suggestions via mail or website. Check occasionally for updates. If the app crashes, try to decrease render quality in options and turn sound off.